EKOROLNIK Rolnictwo ekologiczne

About us

EKOROLNIK is a German-Polish agricultural family business and is closed to Łętowo / municipality Sławno, 35 km from the Baltic Sea between Szczecin and Gdańsk.

Our focus is organic farming and livestock. Our agricultural areas are free of industrial influences located on Lake Łętowo, adjacent to large nature reserves "Natura 2000".

As organic farmers, we have committed ourselves to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production method. That's why we do not use artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides on our land and plantations.

Our farm is in the program ECO-CERTIFIKATION.

We do not breed water buffalos in factory farming, but in species-appropriate, natural and year-round free-range farming, free from the use of industrial animal feed.

For our clients in the region, we produce ecological vegetables, Siberian blueberries fresh and dried, eggs, chicken, and buffalo meat. In the mushroom season, we collect yellow Boletuses mushrooms, which we process into dry goods. We sell Siberian blueberries, mushrooms and buffalo meat at home and abroad.

Further information about our products can be found here.
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