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Water buffalos

Sale of live animals

We are constantly selling animals from our herd.

Mini herd
Prices from 12000 PLN.

Mini herds are often used in wet areas such as swamp, moor, wet meadows along lakes, ponds and rivers for landscape conservation. The animals need constant access to water for bathing and for trinking. Also a covered shelter for rain and wind protection is required. The mini herd consists of:

Mother cows, 3 - 9 years old.
Prices from 3500 PLN.

Bulls, 1,5 - 3 years old.
Prices from 3000 PLN.

Calves, from 6 months.
Prices from 1200 PLN.

More information: www.waterbuffalo.eu

Healthy diet with buffalo meat

What makes our buffalo meat so healthy?

We are determined opponents of factory farming! That is why our water buffaloes live in the herd year-round and close to nature outdoors, move a lot and are reared without antibiotics, hormones or industrial concentrated feed. From spring to autumn, the animals feed only on fresh grass, herbs and wildflowers. During the wintertime, we only feed the buffaloes with hay. The water buffalo are naturally healthy and robust animals that use their food very well.

 Our animals reached their slaughter weight at about two and a half years. Animal transports to the slaughterhouses are in many cases painful for the animals and damage the quality of the meat, because the animals produce many stress hormones (adrenaline) through transport and slaughter. We reject this method. With the approval of the Veterinary Office and in the presence of a veterinarian, our buffaloes are killed in their usual habitat on pasture, with a targeted shot by a hunter. After that, the carcases are transported to the butcher and processed. Our meat is from animals that know neither fear nor pain, nor transportation troubles and are free from stress hormones.

Buffalo meat should be an integral part of your diet

In addition to exceptional delicacy and unique taste, our buffalo meat has health properties that are recommended for a healthy and balanced diet. The special are the extremely low fat and cholesterol levels. For example, in 100g beef contains on average 20% fat and 82mg cholesterol. If we compare the buffalo meat, only 1.6% fat and 36mg cholesterol are found. Also the pork meat has compared to the buffalo meat, still almost twice as much cholesterol namely 65mg and ten times as much fat with 16%.

Short information for the cooks: with the buffalo meat the meat is the carrier of the taste and not the fat, as usual with the beef. Therefore, the low fat content means no taste loss.

In terms of protein and iron, buffalo meat also performs very well. The beef contains 21% protein and 0.9% iron. The buffalo meat contains 23% protein and at least 2.1% iron. In terms of calories, it is noticeable that 112 calories of buffalo meat are in 100g, well ahead of beef (280 calories) and pork (263 calories). Even chicken has 124 calories, a higher calorie content.

Buffalo meat nutritional value

Indications/100g * Buffalo Beef Pork Chicken Lamb
Protein % 23 21 21 24 23
Fat % 1,6 20 16 4 12
Cholesterol mg 36 82 65 84 92
Iron % 2,1 0,9 0,9 0 0
Calories kcal 112 280 263 124 205

* Mean values in muscle meat

Meat sale

We sell our products in the European Union to the meat trade, hotels, gastronomy and private customers. Minimum order quantity from 2 Kg. We ship our goods in Iso- packs with courier. For larger orders we deliver with our cooling hanger itself.

Price lists and further information on e-mail: info.ekorolnik@wp.pl.

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